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The goal of Western Governors University is to see each student and graduate achieve professional success. They offer relevant course work that focuses on developing specialized skills that enable graduates to meet and surpass their educational and professional goals. WGU has full accreditation from NCATE and CCNE and is the recipient of the Best Practices in Distance Learning award from the USDLA.

WGU was uniquely built on two foundations. The first is a commitment and passion for producing well-trained and highly competent graduates. The second is is expanding distance learning opportunities and access to minorities, first generation college students, modest income earning individuals, and those who face challenges due to their geographic location. WGU was originally founded by 19 U.S. Governors and is supported by The National Advisory Board.

WGU consists of an Online Teachers College, Online College of Business, Online College of Information Technology, and an Online College of Health Professions. These four career-focused colleges offer a wide array of distance learning degrees that are designed for adult professionals who are seeking to further their career, earn higher salaries, and expand their area of expertise. WGU employs only the brightest of instructors who not only instruct but mentor the students.

Online teacher licensure distance learning degree programs offered at WGU include a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Early Childhood Education, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences, Geosciences, and Special Education. Post-Baccalaurate teacher programs are teacher preparation in math, science, and social science. Master in Education distance learning programs with a major in teaching, teaching mathematics, teaching science, and teaching social science are also an option at WGU. There are also 12 graduate programs for licensed teachers available.

The Online College of Business at WGU offers six different Bachelor of Science degree programs and an M.B.A. in Information Technology Management or Healthcare Management. They also have a distance learning program to earn a general M.B.A. The Online College of Information Technology offers seven Bachelor of Science degree programs as well as a M.S. in Information Security and Assurance.

Those interested in the College of Health Professions may pursue one of eight different distance learning degree programs. Such programs include a B.S. in Nursing or Health Informatics, an M.S. in Nursing Education or Leadership and Management, and an M.B.A. in Healthcare Management. These degrees hold the same amount of prestige as an on-campus degree program.

Western Governors University boasts an affordable tuition price. Most programs cost around $2,800 per six-month term. Compared to similar reputable universities, students will be saving a considerable amount of money while still earning a high-quality education and enjoying the most current technologies and convenience of a distance learning program.

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