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Westwood College Online has 17 campuses in six states as well as an extensive online degree program catalog. They are fully accredited by the ACCSC and ACICS. Students are eligible for federal aid and grants because Westwood’s accreditation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

There are many unique distance learning programs offered online at Westwood. The School of Design offers a Bachelor’s degree in Animation, Game Art, Interior Design, Visual Communications, and Web Design and Multimedia. They also have an Associate’s degree program in Graphic Design and Multimedia. These innovative courses prepare graduates to work in an exciting and rapidly-developing field.

The School of Justice at Westwood has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice distance learning program. These courses help students develop their social awareness skills and acquire a strong skill set. Some areas of focus are criminology, juvenile justice, and ethics in criminal justice. This balanced curriculum provides student with a wide array of subject matter and teaches practical application in the every day setting.

Westwood’s School of Justice also has an Associate’s Degree for Paralegals distance learning program. This is an ideal course for professionals interested in law but who are not ready to commit to law school. Students will learn all the skills needed to assist lawyers along with the key fundamentals such as legal terminology and proceeding protocols. Graduates of this program will be qualified to pursue an occupation as an entry-level paralegal or assistant to government or private attorneys.

Some exciting distance learning programs in the School of Technology include Game Software Development, Information Technology, Major Network Management, and Major Systems Security. These innovative programs teach cutting-edge elements needed to give professionals the upper hand when it comes to securing higher paying jobs in the rapid-growing information technology fields. Students will gain specialized skills and learn from some of the most knowledgeable professionals at an accelerated pace.

There are also several areas of study available from Westwood’s School of Business. These distance learning courses focus on real-world training and the use of skills in the average work setting. Graduates can advance their career by earning specialized degrees such as a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with majors in Accounting and Financial Management, Major Fashion Merchandising, Major Healthcare Management, or Major Marketing Management. For those wanting to reach their optimum potential in the business world, there is a distance learning Master of Business Administration degree program as well.

The distance learning options from Westwood are flexible. Certain Bachelor degrees can be earned in as little as three years. Westwood understands the need for convenience as well as career-focus curriculum that prepares graduates to pursue higher earning positions in their field. Westwood is committed to assisting students find the right degree program along with securing the financial assistance needed to pursue their higher educational goals.

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