What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

When we’re kids, we’re so certain about what we want to be when we grow up. Even when we change our answers through the years, we always remain so certain that that’s what we want to do. No question about it. It’s really weird remembering the transition between dream jobs as a child. Anyway, even though we knew when we were kids – it seems impossible in our late teens or early twenties to pick a dream job. To pick a career.

I guess it's time to grow up. (photo by floodllama)

I guess it’s time to grow up. (photo by floodllama)

There are so many things in the way.

The things that I personally enjoy are the things I’m not the best at. And the things I loathe are the things I’m the best at.

Brazen Careerist says that the two biggest reasons that you can’t decide on a career direction are as follows:

  • You don’t know what you like

If this is the case, then every job in the world will become a potential dream job for you. That’s not exactly the best way to narrow down your choices. Instead of erring in on a job, you err out and then you get lost in your spider web of hopes and dreams.

  • You don’t think the things you like are acceptable career choices

Whether someone implanted the idea that a job is unacceptable or you don’t see a variable like pay as being fit for your financial needs as you grow older, you might not be able to decide on a career direction.

The article also suggests that the people who you’re jealous of – the people who seem to effortlessly have decided on their career paths and who seem to remain effortlessly happy as a result of it – have had “…an awareness of what they liked and an environment that supported them in pursuing their dreams.”

Then the article states that although “…You may not have had these two things before, but as an adult, you can find ways to provide them for yourself. Hopefully by giving yourself a dose of introspection and an encouraging community, you’ll be able to drop your career decision anxiety and get on your way.”

So here’s what I want to be when I grow up: financially secure with a job that I love.

The chances of me having some inner revelation right this second is unlikely, but I understand that eventually (and soon) I will have to choose my career path. And then, because I’m stubborn and refuse to pile myself under ridiculous amounts of debt, I will ride that career path through until the end.

Hey, at least I could be financially secure. I know that’s not the American dream to settle but I also know that just because you have a degree in something doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in that field for the rest of your life. That’s also part of the American dream.

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