What If College Isn’t For Me?

College was, at it’s origin story, never intended for everyone. It seems that in modern times that that is what we, as Americans, have turned it into – but it’s not for everyone and it never will be.

College isn't for everyone. (photo by COD Newsroom)

College isn’t for everyone. (photo by COD Newsroom)

In fact, it may be more of a bad investment than anything else – as quoted by Lenpenzo:

“For most people, college is a really bad investment. Over the past 30 years, the cost of college has risen more than 1000%, far outpacing inflation in general. If the price of other products rose as quickly as college costs have, today we’d be paying $13 per gallon for gasoline — and $22 for a gallon of milk. As the price of college continues to go through the roof it becomes more and more difficult — if not impossible — for folks to realize a decent return on their investment unless they pursue a technical degree, or study to become a doctor or lawyer. That why there’s an army of shell-shocked graduates out there right now with a worthless college degree and nothing to show for it other than a relatively low-paying job and a boatload of student debt.”

And besides (and this comes straight from that article as well):

“There are plenty of relatively good paying jobs available that don’t require a college degree. According to US Labor Department projections, 63 percent of all new jobs that will be created between 2010 and 2020 won’t require a college degree. In fact, Forbes identified 20 surprisingly well-paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree; many of those listed require just a high school diploma or equivalent including administrative services managers (median income: $79,540), construction supervisors ($59,150), wholesale and manufacturing sales reps ($53,540), electricians ($49,320), plumbers ($47,750), and insurance sales agents ($47,450).”

And on the off chance that you’re only going to college to sustain yourself, here are five things you can do instead of going to college:

  • Create art

If there’s anything that makes someone happy, it’s creating something they can be proud of and that others will covet as well.

  • Write a book

There’s even a National Novel Writing Month to help motivate you!

  • Start a business

You can tie this in with creating art; start an Etsy. Maybe even start an eBay account and sell thrift store clothing for some extra cash. Or maybe you can rent out a booth at a flea market and sell soaps and other various crafts. It sounds like a dream of mine, to be honest.

  • Work for a charity

One of my friends got her job at a cancer center by volunteering there for about a year. It was one of the best things she could have done with her time.

  • Travel the world

Maybe you need a little money for this one, but if you had an entry-level job and were able to save up for a little, you’d be able to do some minor travelling – perhaps not the world, but within the confines of your coast.

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