What Makes a Good Employee?

You know the difference between good and bad customer service when you see it – and often times, it can make or break how you feel about the establishment at hand, whether it be a restaurant or even a video arcade. So, what makes a good employee?¬†What should you, as a person and as a worker, be showcasing about yourself to provoke the thought that you are a good employee? If you have these traits, chances are you’re in the clear!

What makes a worker a good worker? (photo by Sean MacEntee)

What makes a worker a good worker? (photo by Sean MacEntee)

#1. Passion

You don’t think of passion when you think employee, because chances are, there’s someone else who can do the job. The thing about passion is that it changes your motivation for why you’re working. When you’re passionate about something, you’re likely to be more delicate and at the same time, definite about what you are doing. Passion is what many people consider to be one of the best qualities for one of their employees to have.

#2. Honesty

It doesn’t matter what it is – but if a person is honest, they will receive more respect than if not. They will also be looked at, by their employers, as someone they can trust. Someone who has back-bone and is not afraid to tell the truth. Someone who is bold. These are good things in the workplace, as it prevents accidents from happening. In the book The Power of Habit, when people were not honest, all hell would ensue, sometimes even to the point that a civilian or worker has died. There’s a reason that employers cherish this quality.

#3. Ambition

Without the drive to want to grow, how does one have the drive to go on right now? There has to be some kind of goal or motivation in mind for someone to want to do much of anything. What makes a good employee is not ambition for this week’s paycheck, but rather, an overall desire for growth. When an employee wants to grow in their own personal life, it makes their work life look the same. These people are people you can always go to, because they’ll always desire to be a good employee.

#4. Value Others

One of the qualities that most people don’t think about has to do with valuing others. As it was explained to me, it’s not about personal gain. Your time will come. You will have your successes when it is time. When you try to tear down each other, as coworkers, you tear down the company. If you value others, showing them patience and generosity, others are going to take notice – including your boss!

Now – these aren’t the only things that make an employee good – but they are things every employee should strive to be. Everyone should use these kind of benchmarks as measurements of how they are as a person – because frankly, it’s what makes you a great employee. It’s what separates you from the people who are dispensable and indispensable.

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