What Makes a Good Student

If you actually care about how your professors, colleagues, and school as a whole views you, you probably want to be deemed a good student by all of them. A good student is who gets ahead when needing recommendations, and is a student who can be thought of as a future leader. A good student leads up to being a good worker, which everyone can see, if you give them the opportunity to.

What separates the average student from the good student? (photo by Adan Garcia)

What separates the average student from the good student? (photo by Adan Garcia)

Not everyone is a good student, nor a good person – but every single body has the potential and opportunity to be. I personally don’t believe that humans have the, at all basic levels, inclination to be bad or to cause harm or conflict to themselves or others. Yet, sometimes that is exactly what happens. And why? Well, frankly, some people just don’t see how much better life would be with these kind of guidelines. In this article I will be going over a few traits of good students that will eventually convert these good students into good employees. 

Good students are punctual. It’s a means to gain respect, no matter where you are or who you are trying to impress. It’s the timely manner and the trust they build with continuous meeting of deadlines. This means they’re always five to ten minutes early to their shifts at work or their classes. It shows their bosses and professors that they certainly do care about their profession or schooling. It shows they are reliable and worth giving more hours to.

Good students are also a step above the rest. These students are the ones who go above and beyond to make their quality of life for themselves and for others better. Whether it be reading the next chapter ahead of time, or even something as simple as note-taking when the professor says it’s not necessary to scribe. They show their eagerness to learn and know about their trade this way.

And my last point for this article – Good students know when it’s time to let go of their spotlight and let someone else step into the spotlight without feeling bitterness or greed. Those who wait patiently for their moment to bask in glory are those who are going to be prime candidates for the job market. Why? Because if employees in a company are so competitive that they are willing to compromise the overall picture – which is the company’s success, then they are not going to be good for the job market, nor that company.

See, what makes a good student is not that they are good in school – because that’s besides the point. If a person has these characteristics or develops them, that’s what changes their entire perspective in life. It changes their motivation for why and how they work, both in school and out. This is what makes a good student.

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