What To Do When You’re Having a Bad Week

I don’t know about you but this week has been one of the most stressful for me. From car issues to being stranded in a city you don’t know, to failing a class because you can’t afford the book, to being told your financial aid isn’t coming through for a longer period of time – I’ve been going crazy. Oddly enough, most of that worked out anyway – but while they were the focal point of my day, I could not help but think about how horrible this week was, and how the secession of really good things were followed by really bad, and then the days would repeat that.

The problem? We live in a world where problems are bound to happen. Although the problems may be fixed, sometimes they won’t and the weeks will drag on and on. There are a million and one things that can stress you out – but you do have the option to look at it from a different perspective and to ultimately turn your upside down frown into an unforced smile!

Religion: one of the most therapeudic ways to relieve stress. (photo by EtterVor)

Religion: one of the most therapeudic ways to relieve stress. (photo by EtterVor)

#1. Go to your religion

If there’s one thing that helps during a time of stress is to turn to whatever you find your salvation in. For me, that would be genuine prayer of talking to God. For you, it may be something different. Nonetheless, religion is one of the things that can always calm you down – because although it may not provide answers, it provides a feeling of comfort and safety that you may need to pull through.

#2. Use the negative as motivation

You can look at your problems and shortcomings as they are on the surface – or you can use them to fuel your desire to either prove someone/something/yourself wrong. You can admit they are problematic for you, but then see that afterwards you’ll be better off. You can see the full picture. That you may not understand what is going on – but it will be okay.

#3. Find something to look forward to

If all else fails, you can plan something to ease your mind. Maybe there’s a special event coming up that you’re really looking forward to. Maybe you’re just excited to see your long distance significant other. Maybe it’s just your next day off. Maybe you’re just looking for the first good news – the first good surprise in a while. Regardless, having something to strive towards gives you some kind of motivation to make it through even the worst of weeks.

Basically, the only thing I would recommend not doing is saying “Someone else has it worse than I do.” Although that may be true, do you really want your level of happiness to rely on someone else’s pain? That’s not exactly the healthiest mindset to have. It’s actually one of the worst.

Nonetheless, these are some of the things you can do when you’re having a bad week. Have any other tips? Leave a comment below!

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