What to look for in an On Line Film School

In my last blog I took a closer look at Film Schools – what their course work entailed, and what the goals of the educational process were. Now I’m back for part two. If I whet your appetite for possibly earning a degree as a film director, here are some more leads to follow up on – on line schools and programs that teach film via distance learning.

Do you have what it takes to be a director? Photo by romain-novarina

Do you have what it takes to be a director? Photo by romain-novarina

(Please note when researching the following programs, that not all of them are for an accredited degree. Some of them are training classes, that can give you some knowledge and education, but don’t give you a recognized, accepted diploma or degree at the finish. Keep this mind, so you know exactly what you are paying for.)

Full Sail University – On campus, Full Sail offers a Bachelors degree in Film. For on line students, they offer a Bachelors degree in Digital Cinematography, which focuses on digital film and video production. They also offer on line degrees (both Bachelors and Masters) in writing. Check them out, they are a growing school with a lot of good programs.

The Academy of Art University – In their School of Motion Picture and Television, AAU offers three levels of degree. A student can earn an Associate of Arts, a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts. While enrolled in this on line program, students will study the basic concentrations of editing, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, directing, and production design.

Film School Online – This is an affordable, intense, seven course program. All of the basics are covered, in different classes on writing, traditional and digital filmmaking, cinematography, and editing. If you want to learn how to make film without getting into a formal education program, this site may give you the knowledge you’re looking for.

4Filmmaking – This is an on line program that starts you off with a free class to test them out. The schools website touts its ability to teach the fundamentals of film, and allow students to make the contacts with other future directors they will need. With a healthy respect for low budget and guerilla directors, this site is fun, and could possibly be educational as well.

Bear in mind, a director is not the sort of job where a degree will guarantee you a job. Attending a film school gives you the education and the skills, and will also facilitate making contacts in the industry, which will help you find work opportunities. But more important than any degree will be a short film, a highlight reel, or a feature length documentary or film – your work with film is what will become your resume, and what will get you noticed.

That doesn’t mean that a degree from film school isn’t valuable, it just means that the skills you learn are what is truly valuable, more than the sheepskin.

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