What We Can Learn From TV

The television has not ever been known to be a great source of educational information. In fact, they say those who go into the entertainment business are people who are great performers because they are dissatisfied with reality and wish to escape to a fiction. However, there are always ways we can learn from any scenario we come across. Accordingly, you can learn a lot from TV by observing the people who watch it, as well as watching it yourself. Using the television as a means of education instead of entertainment is a great way to view the notorious time waster and turn it from being notorious into being a productive product.

The TV offers more than just mindless entertainment. (photo by gilgongo)

The TV offers more than just mindless entertainment. (photo by gilgongo)

As the television show’s scenes span only a couple of seconds, our brains are conditioned to change just as fast as they appear and disappear. Is it any wonder that we, as humans, especially in generation Y, are accustomed to receiving what we want right then and there, no questions asked? Many of these things can get us into the habit of one that someone afflicted with an attention span disorder may have. As I discussed in a past post entitled, Optimizing Innovation, the Power of Habit, a novel by Charles DuHiggs, offers insight on how habit is one of the most destructive things that leads to addiction but can be broken through reinstating new habits.

Television can also open up the prospect of education that undoubtedly affects children across the nation – by allowing stronger family ties to infiltrate a household. To make it a habit to speak to each other during a television show, a movie, or anything of the sort is a good step in the right direction. For example, what allows for good family time whilst stimulating your brain is to watch a knowledge game show, such as Jeopardy, and express your input out loud. Laugh with each other when you get the answers wrong, congratulate each other when you get the answers right, and so on and so forth.

And of course there are educational channels and shows out there that you can get behind. Shows like Cook Yourself Thin, stations like Discovery Health, among other medias that are great ways to learn something you didn’t previously know about something. After all, knowledge is the power you need to change your life and your habits.

The television does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. We can learn from it and grow from it just as we can our own experiences if we are not wasting away our time frequently with shows that are just for entertainment. It is not that entertainment is bad – everyone needs a break here and there and to waste time – but it can not be a frequent feat to procrastinate with the television on and our minds off. For what benefit is that to us to waste away?

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