What You Wish You Had Listened To

There are so many lessons throughout life that we learn, from either an optimistic and hopeful perspective, or a pessimistic and morbid perspective. Regardless of how you perceive them, there is always a part of us that wishes we had listened to the wise words of an adult or an older friend, but – through a complex that I like to regard as the “thick skin complex,” we learned the lessons ourselves no matter how much warning was given. Here’s what you wish you had listened to:

Life lessons are needed, but aren't necessarily inevitable. (photo by mRio)

Life lessons are needed, but aren’t necessarily inevitable. (photo by mRio)

1. “Learn to save your money.” – probably your parents

When we all received our first incomes – whether it be through allowances or our first part time job, we realized that money was a great thing to have. Now, I don’t think money is everything – but it does play a big part in what you do in your day-to-day life. When I was a child, I learned that if I saved my money, my little brother would take it and I would never see it again – nor be able to prove to my parents that I even saved anything at all. So I taught myself to impulse spend. Worst idea ever.

2. “Exercise” – probably your body

Whether or not we want to admit it, we all feel sluggish and weak when we’re not taking care of our bodies. This also includes how we take care of our living space, which I have talked about in the past here. If not an impermanent reason enough, you should care to feel better in your clothes. Once you start exercising on a regular basis, you see the change in your body as well as your emotion, and you get hooked on the feeling, you’ll want exercise for the right reasons. Appearance is just a stepping stone that (I’m sure) we all have taken in our fitness journeys.

3. “You are not ready for a relationship” – probably your parents

Either our parents were on the “you’re not allowed to date til you’re older” or the opposite “I encourage you to date” spectrum of the matter. There was no middle ground with it. Frankly, I wish I had had the parents who said I wasn’t ready for one. In our first serious relationships, our hearts were not ready for the commitments we thought we were ready for. We were not ready for the pain that came with losing that person. It opens up matters of intimacy, sex, and love – things that we thought we were old enough for and things that made us believe we had found our soul mates. Now, it’s not that love can’t happen at a young age. It’s just very unlikely and leaves most of us in a dark, dark place.

If anything, these past few years have taught me all of this. Things that I wish I had either stayed far away from or wished to cherish close to me. It is true that we, as young peoples, believe that it doesn’t matter what someone else goes through – what someone else tries to help us with – but we feel we must find out these things for ourselves, regardless of if it means the hard way out.


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