What Your Dream Career Says About You?

Here at Distance Learning, we can empathize with those who want their career to be more than just a job – but instead a joy. And of course – we understand that not everyone has their dream job yet. Some of us are simply going through the motions in regard to their career. In any case, whether or not you do or do not have your dream job, your dream job says a lot about your character. In this article, I will be going over what you may be asked in an interview and discuss how it may directly affect if you get the job or not.

Does your answer fit into the prospective job? (photo by lululemon athletica)

Does your answer fit into the prospective job? (photo by lululemon athletica)

One of the writers at askamanager was asked during an interview, “What is your dream job?” And she truthfully answered that she wanted to climb the ladder at an interior design company – which had apparently, nothing to do with the job that she had applied for. Was her honesty the reason she didn’t land the job? Because it could have simply hindered her from the job because it didn’t relate well enough. The article then goes on to say,

“Was I too honest ? Should I have said something that could relate more to the company I was interviewing for? I was talking about my dream job, I figured it’s one thing I didn’t need to think very hard about. And how do I convey to potential employers that even though my dream is not here with them, I would still work hard and value the experience I would get working with them if I was hired ?

It’s impossible to say if that answer rubbed them the wrong way or not, but in general, citing a dream job that has nothing to do with the field you’re applying for can be a bad idea. In a lot of cases, it makes employers think you’re not going to be satisfied with the job they’re hiring for, and/or wonder if you’ve even thought through your interest in their job, and/or think that you’ll leave as soon as a path to your dream job comes along.

This might seem silly, because of course plenty of people have dream jobs that they don’t intend to pursue, but the fact remains that by answering the question with an unrelated dream job, you raise questions in (some) interviewers’ minds that they’d rather not have. It probably helps to understand that when an interviewer asks this question, they’re trying to get a better sense of what your career goals are and how this job might fit in. If your answer makes it clear that this job doesn’t fit in at all, then they’ve got concerns.”

So just remember when you’re in an interview, that a question that you would normally say you don’t need to give much thought to might be the difference between landing the job or not. Be careful with how you articulate yourself to better prepare for the future interviews to come.

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