Why a Piece of Paper Essentially Can Determine Your Worth

The title sounds harsh, doesn’t it? However, just look at the pros and cons of having a certification or degree. Without, can one really be sure of the education you received? Without, how can one trust that you will be able to do your job, no questions asked? Perhaps this article will serve as more incentive for many of you to finish your educations and acquire degrees of some sort. I would be justified in doing so, considering so many jobs these days require the minimum of a Master’s degree in their respective fields. In a society where we value education enough to make a norm of “No Child Left Behind,” a piece of paper will essentially determine your worthiness to a company or employer.

Surely, a degree is more than this. (photo by 'Playingwithbrushes')

Surely, a degree is more than this. (photo by ‘Playingwithbrushes’)

I personally respect the idea behind such great competition. It is, after all, an essential part of our economy. As of current, it is becoming a norm to go to college (which not every person was meant to do, but we seem to have believed it to be so) and there simply aren’t enough jobs out there to support the vast amount of peoples who are credible. The competition is healthy but not as prepared for as it should be. The more knowledgeable and credible a person is, they should either get the job, or get paid in more fullness than someone who simply has an Associate’s degree.

Many question this to no end: If my aptitude is for this career field, why do I have to prove myself in any way other than my work? In fact, that is the question that (screen name) hercules asks on For or Against. In the forum, hercules claims that her friend can not afford the appropriate schooling, but he is very capable of doing the job – even without the education. Unfortunately, potential employers are simply going to see your unfortunate circumstance as an, “Oh, well! This other guy has what we need.”

Deathnote9 comments on the forum, suggesting that it is undoubtedly more than a piece of paper. Our society has put so much emphasis on the certifications and degrees that you can receive that a “piece of paper” can determine worth to a company. Deathnote9 also claims this is the same principle with the dollar. A dollar is simply a paper material, yet has monetary value that we, as a society, have determined it to be. I am also thankful for this value that we have set on pieces of paper – not only does it ensure that the job will be done by capable, credible hands, but it also is another essential aspect of our economy. Of any economy, really.

Of course, I can’t convince you that you should go to college. Times are tough and your degree may not be a big help to you – as much as we would like to believe that it will guarantee a job. The Smoking Jacket can try to convince you though, in their article “Four Reasons Why You DO Need A College Degree.”

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