Why Being Organized Can Help You

Most people don’t believe there’s a correlation between organization and how well you do at school, on the principle of “if you know it, then you know it.” Well, yes, to some degree that is effective – but it will not give you the best shot that you can have. You will never reach your full potential by skirting by. Although many believe that their disorganization is actually their own working version of organization, the fact is, it’s not.

Organization can help one breathe easier and focus on other tasks. (photo by Rubbermaid Products)

Organization can help one breathe easier and focus on other tasks. (photo by Rubbermaid Products)

One of the greatest things I have ever learned – from a friend’s mother, actually – was that it did not matter if you did all of your chores, if your living room, bathroom, and kitchen was up to par. She claimed the way to know the state of her child – whether the child was stressed or depressed, was to look at their room and see how erratic the possessions inside were. Were the clothes strayed all over the floor? Were there plates on the desk and wrappers thrown about from various snacking (that she had told them not to do anyway?) All of these things pointed to the state of her children, according to her.

After talking to my friend, I realized this was true. Even of myself. From then on, I realized how I don’t even want to work when my working space wasn’t put together. I would rather know that me, in my own personal life, was secure before I dove into work that may be affected by my disposition. Perhaps my disposition to a clean working environment borderlines an obsessive compulsive anxiety, but regardless – I am sure many of you feel the same way.

Life hacker suggests a method for those of us who can not just live through the filth of our work spaces – by disabling a “junk drawer” from existing, making your desk actually usable, among other things. You can view that article here.

In another article, Yahoo! Voices says that “…Organizing Your Room is the Key to an Organized Life…” Chances are, you’ll feel more inclined to be more productive. Starting with your closet, work your way through your entire room, getting rid of any unwanted or unnecessary items. I find that if I have not worn an article of clothing in about a year, it’s time to get rid of it – donate it, put it away for the next year’s season, etc… One of my favorite ways to organize is by (although you may not have the resources) organizing with items to organize with, such as boxes and containers. From stores like ikea to thecontainerstore, you can find everything for your organizational needs – which is glorious for those of us who feel borderline OCD if not assuredly obsessive compulsive.

Nonetheless, it’ll give you that boost of energy to get your work done! Your work space, whether it be an office room or your personal room, needs to be in good shape for you to breathe easy, relax, and do what you have to do.

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