Why Distance Learning Could Be a Better Choice

As technology expands, society will find ways to utilize it. Nowadays, businesses can have conferences via the internet, and friends can see each other “face-to-face” through web cameras through programs such as Skype to study or just spend time with one another. You can even learn online and get a degree. So what makes all of these things greater than their physical counterparts?

In distance learning, it is often much easier to do, is less costly, and you can utilize several tools to further your education than if you were at a physical school.

Why is it easier?

You can set your own pace with distance learning. (photo by Dave Stokes)

Distance learning allows for learning on your own time. If you are a full time parent, this allows for you to create your own pace and receive your degree based on the pace you’ve set. Another example of someone who would benefit from distance learning is someone who has received a high school diploma or a GED but works full-time and wants to pursue deeper education.

Physical schooling requires one to be on a set schedule made by someone else. It is rather inconvenient for some students and can hinder your abilities to learn.

Why is it less costly?

Think of your everyday expenses for going to a physical school: papers upon papers, textbooks, backpacks, and perhaps even uniforms. Although public high schools are less costly than private as they are paid for by the states, there are a lot of costs that can be avoided.

Through an online education, however, a lot of those costs are eliminated.  A student may still feel the need to take physical notes as it may help aid memory, but textbooks can often be found online and there is no pressure to dress well or carry everything to and from class.

You can have the best of both worlds

Again, with the expanding world of technology, one may feel like they will benefit from both the use of the internet to learn, considering the ability one will have to interact with their teachers and peers.

For example, the Florida Virtual School, also known as FLVS, requires its teachers and students to talk to each other at least once a month through the phone. There are also other opportunities for the students and teachers to communicate through set times where the entire class is required to be online and participating in group activities.

Good points, but how will I know physical schooling is not the best choice for me if I have yet to take an online course?

Introspect for a minute to ask yourself how well you are doing in a physical school setting. Are you pressed for time? Are you constantly waiting for other students to finish their assignments because you complete yours faster? Are you holding up the classroom because you are not as fast as your peers? All of these things should be evaluated, as well as others.

You will never know how well you will do unless you try. If distance learning seems like a path you would like to take, research distance learning schools and talk to counselors. You will then be more informed and will, in turn, make a better decision.

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