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You hear (generally) young women complaining about following the dress code policies set in place at various schools. In a state like Florida, when it’s hot and muggy and no one really wants to be wearing clothes, we see teens getting in trouble over and over again for shorter shorts, tiny straps, and (in the age of crop tops) showing their torsos. Why? Why is it important to cover up while you’re in a public school that doesn’t have uniform?

It makes it a lot easier when rules are black and white. (photo by dullhunk)

It makes it a lot easier when rules are black and white. (photo by dullhunk)

#1. Teenage Boys

One of the most prominent reasons for enforcing a dress code policy is not because you are a distraction, but because teenage boys are easily distracted. You would not believe the things that guys find attractive. Okay, it may be their problem and not yours, but you enable their distraction when you dress in a revealing way, or a way that would cause attention to you.

When I was growing up and in church, we were reading a verse in 1st Timothy about being modest. To accompany the Bible verse with something practical, one of the leaders had given us a website to visit, which was basically a way to see what guys found to be stumbling blocks. That site can be found here, if you’re interested in seeing what makes teenage boys tick. Just don’t use it to your advantage and start doing the things that they list!

#2. Safety

If you’ve ever been in public school, you’ve probably seen the video where a guy is wearing baggy clothes, and then starts to pull out all of these weapons that you didn’t know he had on his person. The video was ridiculously horrifying – and that’s why clothes that don’t fit, sagging pants, and the like are not proper for school wear.

To better protect the persons, schools enforce clothes that fit well (neither too tight or too loose.)

#3. It Leaves No Room For Question

If you think about wearing something, and then think about changing your mind because you’re not sure if it’s appropriate, then this is where a dress code comes in handy. You don’t have to question if something is too formal or too casual, or perhaps even too in between! Dress codes make it easy for someone to decide what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear to whatever event or function may come your way.

Dress codes are not necessarily bad things, although they certainly have a bad reputation. I remember when all of the boys in school got upset when they took away yoga pants – that blatantly showcase a girl’s lower half. Obviously, there is due reason for dress codes. Even if it is ridiculously hot in the Summer heat and you have to wear shorts that actually cover you up a bit. I promise, it’s not the end of the world.

You can wear those things when you’re not in school. No one is stopping you (besides your parents, perhaps) in the outside world.

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