Why Failure Makes You Successful

Without getting knocked down to your lows, dare I say even your lowest – your failures, your shortcomings, etc…, you can’t fully understand how blessed you are at your highest. There are so many benefits to failure, as long as it doesn’t drive you to insecurity, fear, and disbelief in yourself. It takes a special kind of person – a successful kind of person – to not be intimidated by the prospect of failure. Remember, you are not your successes and you are not your failures. They could never be you.

An inspirational quote for you. (photo by teamstickergiant)

An inspirational quote for you. (photo by teamstickergiant)

With the act under the Bush administration, No Child Left Behind, it becomes apparent that we, as a society, wish to shield our kids away from failure. We say that failure is unacceptable, and yet, at the same time, blame everyone but the person at hand. It’s kind of funny how we react. In my opinion, you are responsible for yourself from day one. And the first step to realizing that failure has the capacity to make you successful, is realizing that you can have failures. That you are responsible for your shortcomings and your successes. Perhaps it is a bad example to use president Nixon’s life, considering the Watergate Scandal had no successful outcome; but in the same way that Nixon, in his childhood, faced poverty, illness, among other things – yet still got up and fought some more – we should also act!

When things go wrong, the first thing people are inclined to run towards are the following: denial, regret, or something coined “hedonic editing” – basically meaning we convince ourselves that our failures are successes. Now, it’s important to keep distinction between the two, considering if you think your failures are successes, you’ll never learn when true success is valid and when true failure is valid. You’ll never know when you’re really growing.

The new goal? Recognizing failure and recasting it so that it will turn into something that will be more likely to succeed. Taking your failures, admitting to them, and then turning them into successes.

Unfortunately, it takes a special kind of person to realize that failure makes you successful. Which is why this article is being written; because every body has the potential to be successful – even by failure. The problem is, it is a rare occasion that people take failure and turn it into something grand. It is a rare occasion that people see the potential in their trials and tribulations. Granted, it is hard to be optimistic in the face of failure – but it can be done.

And once you do that, you have substantially grown, both as a person and in leadership skills that you will carry through out life.

These things are vitally important for human growth; to overcome our fallacies is to grow to be a better person.

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