Why Is Education Important?

As generations shift and different perspectives evolve, the importance of education is lost. Our society is beginning to place more value on celebrities’ lives, sport rankings and percentages, or the superficiality of such materials. We are throwing aside the textbooks in exchange for cell phones to text message. Instead of learning about what our forefathers have done to create the land we live in, we overlook our endowed history to learn about our favorite celebrity’s life. The question that pertains to all of this is why is education even important? We learn more through Google, do we not? Why do we need professors or teachers to build our knowledge?


Education is always important. (Photo credits to Sean MacEntee on Flickr)

Career Path

In elementary school you learn about the basics like the alphabet, shapes, and how to write introductory senses. However, when you entered middle school you started learning more about our world, the continents, scientific matter, and who our presidents were. As time passed you found yourself in high school which was the largest change of all. This is when all of the knowledge you accumulated in elementary and middle school shined through. You had expectations and loads of work but for what purpose? It may seem like high school is just hard classes thrown into your daily lives but it goes beyond that. In high school you learn more about who you are as person. You learn about your interests and grow through them. This is what helps you decide on what career you choose. High school allows you to see your strengths and which major you will survive in. Without education, you get into college trying to earn your major and go down a career path unsure of who you really are. So when you are a teenager in high school or an adult that does not believe that education is important for you or your child, it may be wise to think again.


Aside from a glimpse of your career path, education is important because it is the best way to learn about other cultures. In school, it is not segregated anymore. Students have classes with any race from any type of culture. The possibilities are endless and there is no discrimination. Therefore, while obtaining your education among others, you get to see how they approach a specific problem or situation. How their mind think and best of all, how similar you are with someone else despite the difference in culture. It is a beautiful part of life to be able to learn and interact with others. Along the way, you exchange values and own sets of morality.


Along with careers and culture, one is able to grow. You will able to grow through experience and learning concepts on your own – especially in high school when you are able to have a better selection of courses to take and a more mature manner. You are able to grow to love others because of the bonds you have created and grow by learning from your teachers and peers.

Education builds on all the elements of life. It does not only touch on the subjects of history, math, or science but the world at large. Never forget its importance.


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