Why Schools Are Currently on “Lock-down”

With the recent horrors of Newtown, Connecticut, public schools across the nation are taking extensive care to protect our nation’s children. The tragedy of New Town has put many, all over the country, in a state of paranoia.

Connecticut’s National Guard prays over the loss of the children in Newtown, CT. (photo by The National Guard)

In Texas, officials got warning of gunfire near an elementary school. No shots, however, were fired. Instead, a man reportedly came forth saying his car may have backfired and caused the noise.

In Rohnert Park, a death threat was reported by a high school student and a relative of said student was arrested accordingly. The authorities can never take a threat as a joke in case of the probability that it is not.

People are reporting suspicious activity and some are being arrested for being “suspicious,” or threatening to harm those around or in schools. However, what is “suspicious” to some, may not be suspicious to all. All must be taken as if they are serious threats.

With all of the tension arising all over the country, educators, as well as parents, are tensing up and fearing that others will try to imitate the horrific shooting in Connecticut last Friday. As understandable, many are in fear of sending their children to school. A place that almost justifies itself as a safe haven is, in some cases, very unsafe, and can even go as far as to be deadly environments in cases such as these.

This week, schools have been taking care to put their students on a “Lock Down,” which, according to wisegeek.com, “…is a procedure which is initiated when school officials believe that there is a credible threat to student and staff safety.”¬†Schools initiate such measures of safety to ensure to the best of their abilities that students and teachers alike are protected in the learning environment. Although no one can truly be prepared for such acts, precautions can be taken to keep society safe, as well as ease the minds of teachers, students, and other school workers alike.

“Lock Downs” occur for many reasons, including: threats, shooters, and when police are in the midst of an operation nearby.

If you have young children or teach young children, it may be hard and even overwhelming to explain to them what is happening and why schools are taking precautions to keep them safer than usual. Some schools are allowing teachers to explain the event as they wish. Regardless, as long as the children understand that they are safe and that they will be safe as schools heighten security levels, one may want to consider letting them know of the tragedy to a certain degree.

Although there is heightened security, schools are trying as best they can to make this week as normal as any other week. Administration and school officials do not wish for students to feel anxious and scared that they are in school. As time wares on, we must remember this event and remember that millions of students are in schools where something like this can happen. Society must try their best to protect the welfare of our nation’s children. If you would like to help the shooting victim’s families, here‘s how you can.


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