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William Jessup University is a small Christian college that is based out of Rocklin, California. William Jessup University calls all Christians to come study and pave their way into a life of Christian leadership. Students can engage in a variety of undergraduate studies and select from a few graduate programs as well.

As a Christian university, William Jessup provides many options in Christian study, such as in Bible, Theology, and in Pastoral Studies. Generally speaking, a student will earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science, followed by one of the majors offered at the college. There is also the option of obtaining a post-baccalaureate certificate, or a general certificate.

A post-baccalaureate certificate is available in the field of Teacher Education. Other certificates can be earned in Bible, Children’s Ministry, Counseling, Family Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Management, Music & Worship, Pastoral Ministry, Sports Ministry, and Youth Ministry. An Associate of Arts degree can also be earned in Bible or Ministry, which can be followed by a bachelor’s degree or used alone.

Currently, William Jessup University is not offering distance education. This is mostly due to the fact that William Jessup is a newer university and hasn’t yet had the chance to fully spread its limbs. Distance learning is a favorite among Christian colleges because it allows these institutions to reach out to Christians all over the world. Certainly, William Jessup University will offer distance education soon.

Among biblical and theological studies are two expansive programs in Psychology and in Public Policy. In Psychology, there is the option for general psychological study, Clinical focus, Developmental focus, International Psychology, and a track for Community Mental Health. Public Policy covers the range of Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics & Management, Government & Politics, Law & Policy.

The cost of undergraduate study, if a given student is enrolling at a full-time pace, comes at the cost of $19,185 per year. In the case that a student elects to enroll part-time, the costs is calculated at $867 per credit hour. For students enrolling in one of William Jessup’s graduate programs, the cost per credit hour is $600.

There is a graduate program in the area of Teacher Education taught at the university. Student teachers can earn their Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, but can also take a post-baccalaureate path or a graduate path, leading the Master of Arts in Teaching. The master’s-level program doesn’t focus in any specific area of Teaching, but rather preps students with generally applicable Teaching knowledge and experience.

To combat the cost of higher education, William Jessup University gives 89% of its students a grant each year. The average size of this grant is $8,889, with some students receiving a small amount for their studies, most receiving an average amount, and some students having their full tuition paid for based on academic merit. Federal grants supply 23% of the student body each year, and state/local grants supply 29% of the student body with yearly grants.

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