Worcester Polytechnic Institute Distance Learning

Students interested in earning a prestigious distance learning degree from a top school may find a good match in Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Founded in 1865, WPI is the third oldest private college in the nation that specializes in technology. The university itself along with the faculty have consistently been a part of the highest-ranking in the country.

The distance learning programs at WPI are equal to the on-campus learning programs. The curriculum, materials, staff, and degree do not differ in any way. Students do not enroll in a distance learning program. They are first accepted to the university and then may choose which means of study best suits their situation. WPI has been providing the highest quality distance learning education experiences for over twenty five years.

Distance learning students have the same resources available to them that on-campus learners have. Students can utilize these resources both in person and online. Additionally, there is a distance learning staff who can help any student who can not come on to the campus and assist them in resolving any issue. All of the graduate programs offered at WPI can be taken fully online, fully on-campus, or a combination of both. Those who enroll in a distance learning course do not ever have to come on campus.

The tools, materials, course work, and all other resources are available to students online 24/7. Students will interact with other students and faculty via email, live chat, message boards, and web conferences. Curriculum is delivered and discussed in the form of streamed video, audio, and threaded discussions.

One area of study offered at WPI is System Dynamics. In fact, WPI offers the only online system dynamics program in the world. Students aiming to work in any industry can benefit from their ability to apply system dynamics computer simulation modeling. The courses at WPI center around problem solving of public or private domains through experimental analysis.

WPI also offers several engineering distance learning courses. Programs are available in the field of Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Students of these courses can be confident that they will learn the skills needed to become a leader in their field of study.

There are also several challenging business distance learning programs offered at WPI. The programs focus on technology and how it is applied in business. Students will learn practical application of their skills and be encouraged to apply their abilities on an every-day basis. Degree programs include a M.S. in Information Technology, MBA, M.S. in Marketing and Technological Innovation, M.S. in Operations Design and Leadership, and a Graduate Management Certificate Program.

Students seeking enrollment to Worcester Polytechnic Institute must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Admittance to the university will rely on references, educational performance, and work experience. WPI prides itself on delivering the highest quality education to driven professionals seeking to advance their career through distance learning.

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  1. Santhosh says:

    I would like to know if there is any distance education program for Polytechnic in electrical and electronics studies.

  2. Manjesh Rai says:

    Great information about Distance Education of Polytechnic. I am considering applying.

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