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I hate being at my house. Not because my house is bad or anything. But literally all I want to do when I’m here is eat or sleep. And often times, I have work to do – and choose one of the first two choices instead of doing what I need to do. Whoops. It’s not my fault! Not to mention there are so many distractions at the comfort of my own home. I can think of a million and one things I would rather be doing than being responsible.

The study habits fit for a queen. (photo by Marc Samsom)

The study habits fit for a queen. (photo by Marc Samsom)

Anyway, here are some tipsif you’re like me and home is just not the best place to get work done!

Tip One: Live a Loner’s Life

Yes, as sad as it is, the lonely life is the way to go! It’s so tempting to invite friends over, to hang out with your significant other, or even just go hang out with your cat for a bit. The key is to say no to all of these things. The number one thing to do is be alone when you need to get work done. You can use those very distractions as rewards if you really need to.

Tip Two: Quiet v. Music

This one frankly depends on you. I know some people who can’t focus if music is around – or can’t even focus if people are talking among themselves. If that’s the case – you may want to invest in a pair of ear plugs. If you can handle music, then use it to your advantage. Sometimes it’s as if the presence of music makes me work faster. Or at least makes time go a lot faster for me. Keeps me focused.

Tip Three: Get Rid of the Internets

Along with living a loner’s life, that means talking to your friends through virtual means too. If that means to get rid of your phone, do it. If that means turning off your wifi – do it (unless you actually need the computer for an assignment or something.)

Tip Four: Time Yourself

A little pressure is healthy – especially when it’s not real pressure. You can tell yourself, “I’m only going to work on this for an hour” – and you’ll get more work done because you’ve set for yourself a parameter that you’ll want to meet. Remember – you also have the gift of giving yourself extensions too! The best part about it is the fact that it’s not a real deadline – so you won’t be too stressed out if you miss the deadline a little bit!

Tip Five: Time Yourself Some More

If you’re the kind of person who needs breaks while you’re working, time your breaks. Only allow yourself fifteen minute intervals between study sessions. It’s the safest way to make sure you don’t spend an hour surfing the internet because of your “break.”

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