You Should Join A High School Debate Club

My post on high schools clubs included debate club. Debate club is a great club for any student to join. Whether you are shy or outgoing, debate club will definitely give you confidence and learn to be comfortable with yourself and others. It may seem to be a great challenge for many students to debate professionally and talk in public. But overcoming that challenge is essential for anyone to have personal growth. This post will talk about why you should join a debate club and what to do to succeed in debate club.

High School debate can be different than real-life debate. High school debate competition may have its own rules. (Photo by  nerdmeister23)

High School debate can be different than real-life debate. High school debate competition may have its own rules. (Photo by nerdmeister23)

Why Should You Join A Debate Club In High School?

Debate club consists of high school debaters, of course. Being a debater means that you have to have the debating skills, communication skills, writing skills, speech skills, and more. But do not think that you can not join a debate club, because you have not gained those skills yet. In fact, you should join the debate club and work hard to represent your own high school by being on the debate team, so you can gain those skills. Here are some reasons why you should join a debate club in high school:

  • Debate club can help you to be confident
  • Learn how to give public speech
  • Learn how to write to persuade people
  • Be familiar with congressional debate
  • Write bills and have chance to get your own bill passed in congress
  • Voice your opinions
  • Leadership skills building
  • Great teamwork experience
  • Scholarships opportunity
  • Meet people from other schools, even from other countries

What To Do To Succeed In A Debate Club?

Public Debate Program is in charge of holding many high school debate competitions, check their website and learn more about debate competition. There are also many online resources that would help you to learn how to debate. For example, Debate Central is a good website to go for tips on debating. Other than the specific debating skills, here are some general tips on being in a debate club:

  • Believe In Yourself: It is very important to believe in yourself. If you think you can not do something, you probably would fail in it. But if you believe anything is possible, anything will be possible. Just be confident that you can debate and you are not worse than anybody else.
  • Work Hard: You do need to work hard to become a good debater. It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for a debate competition. You should be prepared to do a lot of research and write your own bills or speech prior to any competition.
  • Work With Others: Debate team is a team obviously. You should communicate with your teammates and help each other out in the competition.
  • Be Clear And Persuasive: You purpose of debating is to persuade others. Your speech should be clear and supported by evidence.
  • Know The Rules: Debate competition has rules. Being familiar with the rules can make it a lot easier to score. Also, you can focus more on your speech if you already know the rules.
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