Your Artistic Side Can Teach You

Not everyone is meant to draw, paint, or write. That does not mean there is not an artistic side to you. Art can teach us more about life and ourselves than we realize. It comes from people’s lives and the events that have occurred in the world.

Art teaches us more than we realize.(photo credit EuroMagic)

Paintings are not just pictures or random strokes of paint. They can reveal someone’s innermost thoughts and emotions and give them a way to express it. Some may people are not attracted to emotions or passion. However, that is not all they are able to reveal. A painting can reveal a time period and how they used to live and think. Cave drawings for example probably have a weird reputation and not much is thought about them. Yet they are from a time that we do not know much about. They tell us stories of how they people lived. We get to learn how tribes used to survive and how they thoughts. We get to learn more from their failures and successes. They did not document anything down so those drawings are some of the few things we have to go on about their way of life and culture.

History is of course a huge part in understanding the world because we must know what the world has gone through to be able to know what to do next. We must try to not make the same mistakes and continue to develop and grow. Many cultures leave behind artifacts that can gives us hints on the information we need to know about how they lived.

It also teaches us a lot about ourselves. If you look at a painting such as Starry Night and are in awe and want to go out into the world and look for beauty in the streets, you end up having a new found appreciation for the world around you. Art gives us a new outlook on life. The sun does more than provide light, it gives life and can also make us feel better and brighten our day. The animals around us are doing more than going through their circles of life, they remind us that world keeps on spinning and we must move along with it.

Art can be a sculpture, a drawing, a painting, or a novel. It is any representation of thoughts and ideas in a visual form. There are no rules you must go by and for many people, that liberty is one of their favorite parts of art. They get to open themselves up without having society judge and close them up. Art can teach us about a person or can teach us about the time period that the person was living in. It also teaches us lessons about life that we can use and end up living life in a calmer manner.

It also teaches us things about us that we can use to understand how we want to live our lives.  Art is subjective and it can teach us a lot about our own feelings or others. Whether it was someone famous or a good friend. Everyone has an artistic side but what part of art that attracts them may differ.

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