Your Path of Learning Defines You

What is the definition of education? Is it obtaining information from a book or learning something new about your life? Or about yourself? Knowledge is how we see it. For some learning how to play a new song is important and to others, mastering a new equation has more importance. Whatever  we find worth filling our minds is knowledge. For we can not obtain if we do not wish to. How does learning work? How does information get stored in our minds like a filing cabinet? Our brain stores what we believe is more important and how we evaluate them. Our enlightenment is measured by what we as individuals want to figure out and process.

Great minds may think differently.(photo credit Hey Paul Studios)

So if you want to learn how to capture a shark and cook it and succeed, you in your eyes have progressed in your path of knowledge. If someone else wants to learn how to play tennis and succeeds, they have also progressed. Different kinds of intelligence don’t make one better than the other, you are what you know. A plethora of the information we get is also by accident or life moments. Many of the people who have made great discoveries meant to do something else or weren’t even trying to discover anything.  Isaac Newton was just admiring nature and life when the incident with the apple occurred. When it hit his head, so did his idea. His discovery was only made because he found relevance to the event.  Go through grades kindergarten to twelfth as open to education as possible.

Listen to your teachers and broaden your horizons. Those twelve years are when you realize the type of knowledge you want to obtain. Once you have taken and accomplished your basic beginning school, see what your brain is attracted to and sprint towards it. All of our brains have the basic skills to help us stay alive and keep our body working accordingly but that is the only complete similarity we have with anyone. We have all had our own moments in life that have molded the pink clay in our heads.

Different shaped and colored light bulbs light up in our minds. Use the light that works for you and continue along your path of knowledge. Pick the career that will quench the thirst of whichever questions of life you have. When you want an answer, go and find an answer. Pursuing education does not have to just be with a degree, it is with your brain. However you want to grow the muscles of your brain is up to you. So why do we have such different wants when it comes to the pursuit of intellect? Why may one person see one profession as mediocre and other may see it as a dream job? We all have different kinds of minds so we can make our world work. We need all kinds of ways of thinking to see the world in various ways and have it rotate in a correct manner.  Sociology is a subject that takes a look at society and people and how we function and relates to how people think and why.

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