“You’re almost there. Don’t give up yet.”

When is the right time for us to throw in the towel and just stop trying? When should all the efforts go to waste and be put behind? It is often seen that students give up right at the end of the school year. In particular, seniors. They know that school will be ending soon, summer is approaching, and it really does not matter at this point. That is where they are wrong.


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The students that are giving up are going to start seeing the changes in their grades that may seem minor at first but it has a drastic affect on their grade point average. It can bring them down to a point that they have to try even harder to pick up their slack. The last quarter does matter towards their grade calculation. Specifically the seniors in high school. They are convinced that only because they are already accepted into a college of their choosing and that the semester grades are locked that it is not fit to try anymore. They are diagnosed with the worst case of senioritis and the homework, projects, and exams are merely just sentiments in their way of graduation. Instead of doing their work and learning this new material, the seniors are not paying attention in class and only there to exempt their exams. It will be a worthy tip to take that high school does not end there. Colleges will differ or withdrawal their acceptance leaders if needed and you could end up at a community college. When it comes down to it, what is an hour or so a night of homework compared to repeating a whole class over again?

Not giving up can be applied to other aspects of life outside of school. It can also be observed in sports. The time, effort, and practice these athletes put down to learn new techniques and attain better knowledge of how to perfect their moves. Do you think every single professional athlete got to where they with no practice? Or any extra time they have spent on their own?

Within our society, we have grown to have things relatively easy. Our parents have guided us and provided for us. We are babied by our teachers and unaware of what the real world is truly like. In life, there are going to be some hard days and there are going to be days you could not be¬†happier. The fact of the matter is to not give up at any costs. It is just not worthless. You should never give up the time you have spent practicing because it could be the little bit of improvement you need. Sometimes that is just all you need. Do not let the time you have spent go to waste. Hearing this quote today and realizing the impact behind it and the way it related to everyone’s lives was influential because it is simple but so strong. Remember, you are almost there. Do not give up now.

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