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Many of you probably know of Youtube – many of us get our kicks and giggles there, many of us listen to music, and many watch interviews and documentaries. Now, many of us are able to learn things we otherwise would not have on Youtube through their fairly new feature called “Youtube EDU.” Youtube EDU is not a change to Youtube – it is the material that makes them categorized under the Youtube EDU feature. Okay, so maybe this feature has been up for a while – but I only recently found out about its uses! Instead of finding comedic, fashion, fitness, or music videos, you will find lectures and lessons from colleges all across the nation, including Yale. Not only are top-notch colleges listed, but the university listing features over one hundred colleges and the lectures provided, as shown by this link.

Youtube EDU is a great tool for educators and students alike. (photo by

Youtube EDU is a great tool for educators and students alike. (photo by

From business, science, and engineering videos, to videos by age group – kindergarten through eighth grade, to university level videos, there is something for everyone on Youtube EDU. In addition to the different categories listed, Youtube has gone as far as to separate the material from classroom to teacher – things that the teacher should view in order to become a more effective teacher and learn tips and tricks of the trade, and things that the student should view in order to learn with eyes wide open.

A great perk of Youtube EDU does not stop at a mere educational standpoint. For those who are feeling the effects of Senioritis and are in need of inspiration, Youtube EDU offers educational channels and videos to inspire and motivate you in academic standpoints. Let’s face it, sometimes we all need the extra push to complete our work. As long as we do not drift onto the other channels and listing that would aid in our procrastination, it is quite alright to be on Youtube during study time!

Websites such as Youtube are blocked in the classroom for safety purposes from the students. However, this is a perfect way for teachers to utilize a new tool into the classroom! Teachers have special ways to get into these websites – as they can monitor what the student is viewing, ensuring that anything inappropriate is not viewed.

As of 2012, Youtube released the winners of the top ten educational gurus on Youtube. According to dailydot, over one thousand people applied for the contest. As a winner, these gurus would have to make eight videos by the first month of the new year with new equipment, promotion, and training – as provided by Youtube. The article then goes on to say that John Green states that videos will never replace the traditional classroom, but could be revolutionary tools for the learning experience.

Many of the websites I have already reviewed prior to this one have uploaded their video lectures and lessons to Youtube. Programs such as Open Yale Courses, Stanford Engineering Everywhere, and TED-Ed are just some of those to utilize Youtube. It is a great concept as it costs the uploader nothing to put the videos up on the web, and the prospect of earning money through views is prominent.

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